We’ll make you feel like on a Christmas eve

Natural Born Pascal

Inventor of concepts . Mad scientist . Sucker for extra dark chocolate .  Seeks rhythm in everything  .  Loves to play around (and get serious) with new (cross) media . Lover of lovely people . Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things . Twitter lover .Tongue in cheek humor . Achieving deadlines . Brainstorming on new ideas . Totally into huge stories on design, people, food, trends, business and everything that is heartfelt . Trying to make the world a better place through a peaceful nature .  Seeking whimsical writings and unpredictable visual imagery (and putting them together) . Grasper of the big picture .  Fierce by nature (even when mowing the lawn). Mumbles when in doubt. Knows exactly what he wants to see in media concepts . Guiding young people  on their career paths with his musings/tips/tricks on life in the office and how to achieve greatness while being there .  Very enthusiastic with new ideas/concepts . Info junkie . Inventor of the yoga principle focused on baking pancakes . Never loud  yet consistently goal achieving . Always on top of new stuff to come (self proclaimed future watcher who’s often right about his predictions). Total craving for coffee and French pastry in the morning.