Digital is the new normal !

Lately, there has been a lot of animo on the future of print media. Surely, we can not deny the often turbulent transitions big (and little) publishing houses are finding themselves in right now. Within that context, decisions are sometimes made out of lack for a consistent longterm  vision. But often fierce decisions need to be made in order to move to the next level where that sound mix between print and online media emerges and those two worlds merge together into something highly interactive and hybrid. But we’re only talking about the medium here. The word, the story, the image (moving or still) will survive, no matter what medium or usage of that medium takes the upper hand. Successful publishers/writers/bloggers/journalists/storytellers are often those people/companies who have embraced certain technologies/platforms at an early stage (the early adopters) but  that only gave them a head-start. Today,  they find themselves back in the (online/offline) publishing realm with the rest where (once again) the message (be it pictures, text, video, stills, aggregated stories, …) and not the actual medium takes the lead.


The truth is however undeniable: those sticking to ‘old skool’ techniques and publishing methods will come to an inevitable halt and will eventually disappear unless they’re situated in a niche where their added value is uncompromised by the rapid changing (online) media landscape . Bottom line: when new media and publishing platforms emerge, be critical and investigate. Just don’t use them for the sake of it (because the rest does) but use them at your advantage, embrace them when useful, ignore them when overrated or overhyped. Be prepared however: not staying on par with them or at least having the willingness to get to know them just for the sake of curiosity will eventually lead to extinction while embracing the momentum will lead to new opportunities. In the midst of all this, check out the vid above: a fun infotainment ‘makes-you-think’ musing on print media. Enjoy !

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